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10 Warehouses to Serve You...

  • Rochester NY

  • Binghamton NY

  • Dallas TX

  • Chicago IL

  • South Bend IN

  • Atlanta GA

  • Worcester MA

  • Akron OH

  • Columbia SC

  • West Babylon NY


Back in 1994, an idea was born. 


An idea that would change the way people viewed the plastics marketplace.  Molders had an ominous choice when purchasing their resins - get a low price, but forget about getting treated properly, serviced promptly and, first and foremost, receiving a high quality product.  


Thus, Atlantic Polymers was born - built on the premise that you shouldn't have to sacrifice product quality and great service in order to get a good price. Obtaining competitive pricing, outstanding service and high quality materials should NEVER be mutually exclusive. 


That is what we built our business over 30 years ago and that is what we strive for every single day - to be the best in the plastics industry, at taking care of you - the customer.​





The concept is simple - yet why is it that so many suppliers just don't get it?


Three decades ago, we forged new ideas about how to create partnerships - with our customers AND our vendors..  Our master plan - BUILD relationships - so that we can ALL flourish and we could ALL grow and prosper - for years to come.  Not so hard, right?


So-called "mega-distributors" gladly charge you a premium price but offer you little in return... long lead timeshigh minimum purchase quantities, poor service, a revolving door of salesmen, lots of red tape, etc etc... sound familiar?


Our team here at Atlantic has over 100+ years of experience in this industry combined.  We go to great lengths to ADD VALUE - not short-cut it. 

 Experience the Atlantic Way.  Contact us today! 



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